Fantastic News

The CILT & HSA will allow training providers to accept non-Irish driver training certificate holders to refrehser driver training in Ireland.

This means that drivers who currently hold non-Irish  ADR / HazChem Driver training Certificates can refesh their certificates in Ireland.


Unfortunatley this only applies to certificates issued covering the same classes covered in Ireland

British certificates may be accepted; but only those covering Class 2-6, 8 and 9.

As warned; short cuts dont shorten the journey, they simply add to the end what we didn’t do at the beginining.

We look forward to seeing you on a upcoming training course.

Reminder of Extension Expiry date

Just a quick reminder –

ADR Driver training Certicicates and DGSA certificates that expired between 1st March 2020 and 1st February 2021 have until 28th of February 2021 to renew their qualification under Multilateral Agreement M330

Driver Training During the Pandemic

It has been confirmed we are essential 🙂

Training can continue, with extra precautions in place.

Some of the changes you will notice when attending one of course couress are:

1   Temperatures of participants checked
2   Participant are required to complete a Covid 19 decloration form (more paperwork… we know you love it)
3   Hand santiser…. its everywhere please use it. Especially when entering and leaving the  training rooms
4 Use of bleach wipes on desks
5 Breaks must be taken outside
6 Masks must be worn by all partipants
7 Trainers must remain behind the screen or wear a mask
8 Participants must remain socially disctance all times
9 Assigned seating at all training coures
10 Tea / Coffee will provided in disposable cups with safety lids, by staff with gloves and face masks
11 Our usual U shape seating arrangments are changed to exam style seating to allow for social distancing

It has been very difficult for us to travel inspite of the training being essential.

We currently have training dates available in Maynooth, Cork, Galway and kilkenny.

Contact us on 01 6291800 or email to make a booking