Changes introduced in the 2010 edition of the IMDG require that employees must receive training on the contents of the dangerous goods provision commensurate with their responsibilities.

Who should receive training:- Shore – based personnel such as those who:

  • classify dangerous goods and identify Proper Shipping Names of dangerous goods;
  • pack dangerous goods;
  • mark, label or placard dangerous goods;cargo-ship-new
  • load/unload Cargo Transport Units;
  • prepare transport documents for dangerous goods;
  • offer dangerous goods for transport ;
  • accept dangerous goods for transport;
  • handle dangerous goods in transport;
  • prepare dangerous goods loading/stowage plans;
  • load/unload dangerous goods into/from Ships;
  • carry dangerous goods in transport;
  • enforce or survey or inspect for compliance with applicable rules and regulations; or
  • are otherwise involved in the transport of dangerous goods as determined by the competent authority shall be trained.

HazChem Training’s IMDG courses have been audited by the Marine Survey Office and are accepted as meeting the approved certification requirements in the latest regulations.

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