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1. What drink should an unconscious casualty be given?


2. An IBC is


3. Oxidising substances are



4. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is chemically described as


5. Which of the following requirements do not apply to fire extinguishers under ADR?


6. A face shield (visor) should be worn


7. If an accident or emergency occurs on the road, the driver should


8. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


9. What additional equipment is required when transporting gas that requires 6.1 label?


10. At the loading point the driver must;


11. What is the minimum fire extinguisher requirement for vehicles carrying Class 6.2?


12. The term volitile means


13. Who is responsible for ensuring the driver uses the PPE correctly


14. Exothermic means;



15. A breach of the legal duty of care as a result of which someone suffers injury, ill health or damage to their property is know as


16. Protective gloves should be suitable for handling


17. Which of the following may be transported in packages



18. Which of the following must be displayed on a package containing hazardous materials



19. Intermediate bulk containers have a size that can best be described as



20. The term volatile means


21. When carrying flammable solids



22. Which one of the following should apply when packages of dangerous substances are stowed on a vehicle.


23. Instructions in writing are required


24. Hot tar and bitumen are carried as Class 9 substances


25. The drivers main responsibility in an accident is


26. A Class A fire is:


27. The letter X in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for substances with



28. If suitable segregation cannot be properly performed


29. All loads must be


30. The First Aid kit must be provided by;



31. Where exemptions under ADR apply because of the quantity carried under load limit exemptions (ADR which of the following is still required on the vehicle?


32. Flammable solids in Class 4 include materials which are



33. In relation to security, drivers need not be trained regarding


34. The UN Packing Groups are used to indicate


35. Corrosives must be contained properly:


36. Who is responsible for re-securing a load on a vehicle after an accident?



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