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1. Which of the following is not a source of ignition;


2. A curtain sided vehicle displaying a numbered orange plate at the front and a blank orange plate at the rear is


3. Which chemicals will cause a fire to burn at a higher temperature and more vigorously



4. A person has swallowed an alkaline substance;


5. The following line of text is on a transport document;

UN 1230 Methanol 3 (6.1), II, (D/E) – What does (6.1) indicate?


6. Who is responsible for the safety of a load on a vehicle?


7. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



8. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


9. A substance with the following labels is considered to be:


10. Which statement is correct?


11. The main action taken by the driver, for spillages of acid on the road is:



12. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



13. Toxic substances must be contained to:



14. A Class C fire would be best fought with:


15. A package must have which the following under ADR?



16. The term volatile means


17. The goods are collected from the


18. Which one of the following should apply when packages of dangerous substances are stowed on a vehicle.


19. Dangerous goods packages which meet UN standards



20. Chemical suits should be worn


21. Which of the following is not a suitable means of segregation when carrying Class 6.1, Class 6.2 and some Class 9 substances and foodstuffs on the same vehicle.


22. The flashpoint temperature of Diesel is


23. Gases which have extreme low temperatures are known as


24. The boiling point of a substance is


25. Who must sign a packing certificate as part of a Dangerous Goods Note for a load about to be shipped to the UK.


26. What extinguishers should not be used on electrical fires:


27. A substance with the following labels is considered to be;


28. “High consequence dangerous goods” are………..


29. In relation to respirators which of the following is not correct


30. For gasses the letters TFC indicate;


31. Driver training certificates are valid for ?


32. A proper shipping name is


33. The most efficient way of controlling an organic peroxide is to



34. Passengers are ………..


35. Wood contaminated with genetically modified micro-organisms/organisms must be


36. Class 6.2 includes:


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