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1. You suspect a casualty has sustained spinal injury;


2. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the….


3. Flammable solids in Class 4 include materials which are



4. In the event of an accident involving Class 6.2 you should;


5. What does the term inflammable mean?


6. Some organic peroxides must be carried



7. If a value is sheared off a gas cylinder


8. The following line of text is on a transport document;

UN 1230 Methanol 3 (6.1), II, (D/E) – What does (6.1) indicate?


9. The driver is made aware of the correct PPE to carry by:



10. What document is used for the movement of dangerous waste in Ireland?



11. Organic peroxides contain:



12. A Highly flammable liquid has a flashpoint


13. Drivers carrying dangerous goods, must hold a driver training certificate for which vehicles?


14. A Casualty starts breathing during CPR ;


15. Which of the following is not a Class 6.2 substance



16. A substance with the following labels is considered to be:


17. Which of the following requirements do not apply to fire extinguishers under ADR?


18. Which label is used to indicate Class 9 substances?

(a)(b) (c) (d)


19. Which of the following is not a source of ignition for class 4 substances



20. An infammable substance means


21. Which statement is correct?


22. A Packing Group II substance can be carried in a package with which of the following combination of letters in a UN package approval code?



23. How many eyewash bottles (500ml) are required on vehicles?


24. Items in Class 9 are:



25. If there is the risk of explosion of closed containers in a fire you should


26. A breach of the legal duty of care as a result of which someone suffers injury, ill health or damage to their property is know as


27. Which of the following are not enforcers of ADR legislation


28. Secondary hazards can be identified by……?


29. Packages of dangerous substances should be stowed



30. Who is responsible for re-securing a load on a vehicle after an accident?



31. Instructions in writing are required


32. Dangerous goods can be carried through tunnels………


33. Intermediate bulk containers have a size that can best be described as



34. A flammable mixture is;


35. Some packages must be segregated;


36. The hazard warning placards must be


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