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1. Which of the following may be transported in packages



2. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



3. The procedure to be followed in the event of an accident is contained in


4. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be:-



5. Which of the following is not a source of ignition;


6. Exothermic means;



7. In dealing with any casualty which of the following is not a priority?


8. The personal protective equipment need not be worn


9. Which of the following is a Category C tunnel?


10. A class 5.1 substance is



11. Materials in Class 4, which are dangerous when wet


12. Full face respirators are used:


13. A Highly flammable liquid has a flashpoint


14. The UN no. is a 4 digit number which indicates?


15. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…………..


16. Orange coloured plates are required to have which of the following minimum dimensions


17. Who has the principle responsibility for your health and safety?


18. The word carcinogen is often associated with Class 3 substances. It means


19. A package has two diamond shaped labels on it. What do these labels indicate?


20. IMDG governs the carriage of:



21. Corrosives must be contained properly:


22. What purpose does an emergency escape mask serve:-



23. For gasses the letters TFC indicate;


24. Instructions in writing must be issued …..


25. What are instructions in writing?


26. Class 6.1 includes:


27. Secondary hazards can be identified by……?


28. Which statement is not correct, vehicles carrying dangerous good must



29. If someone stops breathing as a result of an accident


30. Which label is used to indicate Class 9 substances?

(a)(b) (c) (d)


31. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


32. Drivers must carry their driver training certificate?


33. A person’s eye has been splashed with a chemical, the eye should be irrigated for a minimum of:


34. Fire involving spilled flammable liquid can be best extinguished using


35. Which one of the following should apply when packages of dangerous substances are stowed on a vehicle.


36. Notionally empty means ….



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