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1. For an unconscious casualty, if the airway is closed, how can the airway be opened


2. A casualty has been contaminated with concentrated Sulphuric Acid, which in contact with water causes a violent reaction. What should you do?


3. How many eyewash bottles (500ml) are required on vehicles?


4. The orientation arrow mark indicates?


5. Oxidising substances have a class warning label which shows that they



6. A fire involving a gas should be extinguished using;



7. In relation to respirators, which statement is correct?


8. What additional equipment is required when transporting gas that requires 6.1 label?


9. Secondary hazards


10. Where a spillage/leak onto the road occurs, a driver should not;


11. All flammable liquids in the ADR, with the exception of diesel


12. A package has two diamond shaped labels on it. What do these labels indicate?


13. Toxic substances must be contained to:



14. Self reacting substances of Class 4 must be carried at or just below



15. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be


16. This mark indicates that


17. Sodium is a Class 4.3 substance which means that it


18. A curtain sided truck on a journey from Dublin to Belfast, carrying 8 drums of flammable liquid and 12 drums of Toxic solids requires which marks and placards


19. What does the term miscible mean?


20. During the journey the driver should


21. The term viscous means



22. Wood contaminated with genetically modified micro-organisms/organisms must be


23. A person’s eye has been splashed with a chemical, the eye should be irrigated for a minimum of:


24. The goods are collected from the


25. If a person has been contaminated with a corrosive or toxic substance;


26. Flammable liquids with a low flashpoint



27. The term aqueous means


28. The “CE” mark on PPE indicates that


29. If a person is contaminated with a corrosive or toxic substance you should


30. The vapours of a flammable liquid will not burn if:



31. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


32. What is the minimum personal protection require by a Driver under ADR?


33.  In the event of a fire your first action should always be to;



34. What colour label is used to identify a Dry Powder extinguisher?



35. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be:-



36. Which of the following is not a Class 6.2 substance



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