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1. A Class C fire would be best fought with:


2. A curtain sided truck on a journey from Dublin to Belfast, carrying 8 drums of flammable liquid and 12 drums of Toxic solids requires which marks and placards


3. What does the term immiscible mean?


4. What personal protective equipment is always required for members of the vehicle crew?


5. Dangerous goods packages which meet UN standards



6. If someone stops breathing as a result of an accident


7. A package marked with the following marking indicates that the package


8. A Packing Group II substance can be carried in a package with which of the following combination of letters in a UN package approval code?



9. Organic peroxides contain:



10. Driver training certificates are valid for ?


11. An IBC is


12. In relation to security, drivers need not be trained regarding


13. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be:-



14. Notionally empty means ….



15. The term volitile means


16. You should prevent spillages from entering drains and sewers with a drain seal:


17. When loading a packaged goods vehicle, or reassembling the load during a journey, the driver


18. Class 4.3 substances



19. Notionally empty tanks or drums which previously contained Class 3 substances are;


20. When carrying flammable solids



21. Which of the following is a Category C tunnel?


22. In the event of an accident involving Class 6.2 you should;


23. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the….


24. Substances which are hazardous to the aquatic environment are carried by road as



25. Which of the following requirements do not apply to fire extinguishers under ADR?


26. What extinguishers should not be used on electrical fires:


27. Chronic poisoning:



28. Which of the following requirements do not apply to fire extinguishers under ADR?


29. Which statement is correct?


30. An infectious substance is can be described as



31. During the journey the driver should


32. Volatile flammable liquids when spilled into a confined space produce heavy concentrations of vapour that ….


33. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


34. A flammable mixture is;


35. Hot tar and bitumen are carried as Class 9 substances


36. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



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