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1. At the loading point the driver must;


2. The owner of the vehicle is known as the


3. Class 6.1 includes:


4. A package marked with the following marking indicates that the package


5. Carriage in Bulk is the carriage of


6. The flashpoint temperature of Petrol is


7. In the event of an accident which statement is incorrect? The driver should ensure


8. Under ADR, jerricans have a maximum volume of



9. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


10. In the treatment of an unconscious casualty which of the following should receive attention as a first priority?


11. Which statement is correct?


12. What document is used for international movement of dangerous waste?


13. The goods are collected from the


14. A casualty has been contaminated with a flammable substance.


15. A small rigid package vehicle (500 kg of dangerous goods, with load limit exemptions) require which of the following extinguisher combinations.


16. Vapour from a flammable liquid will


17. What additional equipment is always required when this label is displayed on a package on a vehicle under ADR?


18. Self reacting substances of Class 4 must be carried at or just below



19. Who must provide the Transport Document for the driver?


20. What additional equipment is required when transporting gas that requires 2.3 label?


21. Organic peroxides contain:



22. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


23. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



24. A package marked with this label indicates:


25. Exothermic means;



26. Materials in Class 4, which are dangerous when wet


27. A curtain sided vehicle displaying a numbered orange plate at the front and a blank orange plate at the rear is


28. What colour label is used to identify a Carbon Dioxide extinguisher?


29. The word Organic in chemical terms means



30. The letter “Y” in a UN package code indicates that certain types of substance may be carried in the package – which types?


31. Which of these is not an ingredient of the fire triangle


32. Fire involving spilled flammable liquid can be best extinguished using


33. The letter X in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for substances with



34. On checking the transport document you see the following description of a dangerous goods consignment:

UN 1744, Bromine solution, 8 (6.1), I, (C/D).  What tunnel restrictions apply to this consignment?


35. Oxidising substances can


36. You should prevent spillages from entering drains and sewers with a drain seal:


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