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1. The flashpoint temperature of Diesel is


2. Where must the instructions in writing be kept?


3. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


4. Flammable solids in Class 4.2 will burn:



5. What additional equipment is always required when this label is displayed on a package on a vehicle under ADR?


6. Who must sign a packing certificate as part of a Dangerous Goods Note for a load about to be shipped to the UK.


7. Which of the following is a class 8 substance


8. When handling cryogens which gloves should be worn?


9. Class 6.2 substances are best disposed of


10. The flash point of a flammable liquids is:-


11. Secondary hazards can be identified by……?


12. During the journey the driver should


13. One problem that petroleum vapours pose is that when they escape…


14. Fire involving spilled flammable liquid can be best extinguished using


15. Class 6.2 includes:


16. In the event of an accident which statement is incorrect? The driver should ensure


17. Many gases are asphyxiants which means that they


18. Instructions in writing state;


19. The competent authority in Ireland governing the carriage of hazardous goods is?


20. A curtain sided truck on a journey from Dublin to Belfast, carrying 8 drums of flammable liquid and 12 drums of Toxic solids requires which marks and placards


21. Which of these items is not required on a vehicle carrying dangerous goods?


22. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



23. The vapours of a flammable liquid will not burn if:



24. Which of the following requirements do not apply to fire extinguishers under ADR?


25. A substance with the following labels is considered to be;


26. Driver training is required by?


27. Vehicles loaded with containers (freight containers) containing dangerous substances require the following orange coloured plates and placards


28. The term spontaneous combustion can be best described as



29. What purpose does an emergency escape mask serve:-



30. If a person has been contaminated with a corrosive or toxic substance;


31. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…………..


32. Your vehicle is involved in an accident and you suspect a leak. A Garda asks you to move the vehicle off the road as traffic is building. Which of the following is the most appropriate response?


33. What restrictions apply when transporting dangerous goods that have tunnel restriction code (E) indicated in the transport document


34. During loading and unloading


35. The flash point of a flammable liquid is: –


36. Which of the following is not a source of ignition for class 4 substances



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