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1. The Class 9 Warning sign:



2. Driver training is required by?


3. Which of the following is not a method of transporting gases?


4. An endurance braking system is designed to …….


5. What is the ADR?


6. In the case of contact with a cryogenic gas


7. The word carcinogen is often associated with Class 3 substances. It means


8. The ADR classifies chemicals according to their


9. On entering a new site the driver must firstly:


10. Under ADR, jerricans have a maximum volume of



11. What does the term immiscible mean?


12. Toxic substances may enter the body through:



13. Oxidising substances can


14. When handling cryogens which gloves should be worn?


15. All loads must be


16. Which items of equipment is not required when carrying Classes 3 and 8 on a vehicle


17. What are instructions in writing?


18. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


19. Which statement is correct?


20. Gas cylinders must be handled carefully because:


21. Anyone who has come in contact with a toxic substance should


22. A package marked with this label indicates:


23. Instructions in writing state;


24. Organic peroxides are very dangerous because they:


25. A Class A fire is:


26. Who is responsible for re-securing a load on a vehicle after an accident?



27. Oxidising substances can start fires



28. The main action taken by the driver, for spillages of acid on the road is:



29. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…………..


30. If prohibitions on mixed loading arise it should be checked by


31. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



32. Where exemptions under ADR apply because of the quantity carried under load limit exemptions (ADR which of the following is still required on the vehicle?


33. In the treatment of an unconscious casualty which of the following should receive attention as a first priority?


34. If a person has been contaminated with a corrosive or toxic substance;


35. On reading the transport documentation and instructions in writing who must ensure the driver understands and is capable of carrying out these instructions properly


36. During loading and unloading


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