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1. During loading and unloading


2. Which is the label for oxidising substances

(a)(b)  (c)  (d)


3. A Class 3 substance can be described as


4. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


5. The drivers main responsibility in an accident is


6. Which of the following is not a Class 9 substance



7. A Class 6.1 or 6.2 substance must be segregated from


8. The word carcinogen is often associated with Class 3 substances. It means


9. Before loading hazardous goods, a driver should…


10. If someone is at risk of being splashed by a toxic liquid they should:



11. When loading a packaged goods vehicle, or reassembling the load during a journey, the driver


12. A fire involving a gas should be extinguished using;



13. Sodium is a Class 4.3 substance which means that it


14. Oxidising substances can start fires



15. The term aqueous means


16. Which statement is correct?


17. Corrosive substances are:



18. What additional equipment is required when transporting gas that requires 2.3 label?


19. Orientation arrows indicate that a package must be placed


20. Strong or concentrated acids and alkalis:


21. Which of the following is a Category C tunnel?


22. An infectious substance is can be described as



23. An organic peroxide is in which Class


24. The competent authority in Ireland governing the carriage of hazardous goods is?


25. Some materials in Class 4 are unstable and must be carried:



26. A green diamond shaped label indicates;


27. This mark indicates that


28. The UN packing groups indicate


29. A breach of the legal duty of care as a result of which someone suffers injury, ill health or damage to their property is know as


30. What does the term immiscible mean?


31. How many eyewash bottles (500ml) are required on vehicles?


32. A substance with the following labels is considered to be;


33. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the….


34. The UN no. is a 4 digit number which indicates?


35. The goods are collected from the


36. Which of the following are not enforcers of ADR legislation


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