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1. Which of the following substances is the least dangerous ?


2. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be


3. The procedure to be followed in the event of an accident is contained in


4. Having found an unconscious casualty;


5. Some packages must be segregated;


6. What document is used for international movement of dangerous waste?


7. Drivers must carry their driver training certificate?


8. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



9. What is meant by the auto-ignition temperature of a substance?


10. What document is used for the movement of dangerous waste in Ireland?



11. Under ADR, jerricans have a maximum volume of



12. When loading a packaged goods vehicle, or reassembling the load during a journey, the driver


13. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the….


14. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


15. What is the flammability range of a substance?


16. What is the minimum personal protection require by a Driver under ADR?


17. A trailer that has been contaminated with a substance of Class 9:


18. ADR governs the carriage of Dangeorous Goods?


19. Some materials in Class 4 are unstable and must be carried:



20. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


21. What restrictions apply to transporting dangerous goods that have tunnel restriction code (B) indicated in the transport document


22. Toxic substances may enter the body through:



23. If blood seeps through a dressing;


24. Gas cylinders must be handled carefully because:


25. Which of the following is not a suitable means of segregation when carrying Class 6.1, Class 6.2 and some Class 9 substances and foodstuffs on the same vehicle.


26. What does the term miscible mean?


27. A narcotic substance causes


28. If a person is contaminated by a toxic substance, what action should be taken?


29. Organic peroxides are very dangerous because they:


30. The flash point of a flammable liquid is: –


31. The UN Packing Groups are used to indicate


32. The Primary hazard of a chemical is


33. For gasses the letters TFC indicate;


34. IMDG governs dangerous goods travelling


35. A green diamond shaped label indicates;


36. On checking the transport document you see the following description of a dangerous goods consignment:

UN 1744, Bromine solution, 8 (6.1), I, (C/D).  What tunnel restrictions apply to this consignment?


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