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1. Which of the following substances is NOT in Class 4



2. Which of the following hazards always takes precedence over the others with gases


3. Which of the following are not enforcers of ADR legislation


4. On reading the transport documentation and instructions in writing who must ensure the driver understands and is capable of carrying out these instructions properly


5. Class 4.2 substances


6. The word Organic in chemical terms means



7. What restrictions apply when transporting dangerous goods that have tunnel restriction code (E) indicated in the transport document


8. Who must sign a packing certificate as part of a Dangerous Goods Note for a load about to be shipped to the UK.


9. Which of these is not an ingredient of the fire triangle


10. “High consequence dangerous goods” are………..


11. For gasses the letters TFC indicate;


12. During the journey the driver should


13. Organic peroxides are very dangerous because they:


14. Instructions in writing state;


15. The word peroxide means



16. Organic peroxides contain:



17. What additional equipment is always required when this label is displayed on a package on a vehicle under ADR?


18. What personal protective equipment is always required for members of the vehicle crew?


19. A Class 3 substance can be described as


20. Who must provide the Transport Document for the driver?


21. Who has the principle responsibility for your health and safety?


22. The goods are collected from the


23. When pulling away from stationary with a part loaded vehicle which of the following best describes the action of an unsecured vehicle load:


24. The procedure to be followed in the event of an accident is contained in


25. Gas cylinders must always be handled carefully in order to


26. Items in Class 9 are:



27. Notionally empty tanks or drums which previously contained Class 3 substances are;


28. Protective gloves should be suitable for handling


29. Who is responsible for the marking and labelling of a package?


30. For gasses the letters TOC indicate;


31. The vapours of a flammable liquid will not burn if:



32. Which of the following is not a source of ignition;


33. The term anhydrous means


34. If there is the risk of explosion of closed containers in a fire you should


35. When a vehicles ceases to carry dangerous substances


36. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


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