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1. Notionally empty tanks or drums which previously contained Class 3 substances are;


2. Drivers carrying dangerous goods, must hold a driver training certificate for which vehicles?


3. What colour label is used to identify a Dry Powder extinguisher?



4. Which of the following is not a suitable means of segregation when carrying Class 6.1, Class 6.2 and some Class 9 substances and foodstuffs on the same vehicle


5. Instructions in writing state;


6. Some organic peroxides must be carried



7. The flammability range of petrol is ….



8. Which of these items is not always required during the carriage of dangerous goods


9. The drivers main responsibility in an accident is


10. Which statement is incorrect?



11. If gas cylinders are heated in a fire


12. Who is responsible for the safety of a load on a vehicle?


13. ADR governs the carriage of Dangeorous Goods?


14. If an accident or emergency occurs on the road, the driver should


15. A small rigid package vehicle (500 kg of dangerous goods, with load limit exemptions) require which of the following extinguisher combinations.


16. Miscellaneous Dangerous goods are


17. A label showing a black flame on a blue background represents?



18. Which of the following is not a source of ignition for class 4 substances



19. Toxic substances may enter the body through:



20. Oxidising substances have a class warning label which shows that they



21. An intrinsically safe torch is ….


22. A person has swallowed an alkaline substance;


23. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



24. Chronic poisoning:



25. The Primary hazard of a chemical cannot be identified by


26. A basic Driver Training Certificate allows a Driver to transport which of the following hazardous substance consignments?



27. Who is responsible for re-securing a load on a vehicle after an accident?



28. What precautions apply to packages of flammable substances on a vehicle



29. For vehicles carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


30. What does the specific gravity of a liquid measure?


31. Organic peroxides contain:



32. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



33. Class 6.2 includes:


34. Which of the following is not a source of oxygen


35. Strong or concentrated acids and alkalis:


36. Which of the following are not enforcers of ADR legislation


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