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1. Which of the following best describes an activity of a packer


2. A curtain sided vehicle displaying a numbered orange plate at the front and a blank orange plate at the rear is


3. Poisons which attack the body as a whole are known as


4. The flashpoint temperature of Petrol is


5. What colour label is used to identify a Dry Powder extinguisher?



6. A narcotic substance causes


7. Some materials in Class 4 are unstable and must be carried:



8. When pulling away from stationary with a part loaded vehicle which of the following best describes the action of an unsecured vehicle load:


9. The letter Z in a UN package code indicates the package is suitable for



10. Which of the following items is not in Class 9: –



11. Antistatic clothing is recommended in the carriage of flammables because


12. An infammable substance means


13. A vehicle carrying 12,000 kg of packaged hazardous goods requires;


14. Which packing group is the most dangerous


15. Which of the following substances is NOT in Class 4



16. If compressed gases escape accidentally;


17. The term aqueous means


18. Which of the following is a Category C tunnel?


19. Who is responsible for the marking and labelling of a package?


20. An IBC is


21. If a person is contaminated with a corrosive or toxic substance you should


22. Anyone who has come in contact with a toxic substance should


23. Corrosives must be contained properly:


24. Oxidising substances are



25. IMDG governs the carriage of:



26. What does the term miscible mean?


27. In dealing with any casualty which of the following is not a priority?


28. Instructions in writing state;


29. “High consequence dangerous goods” are………..


30. The word peroxide means



31. If a strong acid and a strong alkali are mixed


32. Having found an unconscious casualty;


33. Where must the instructions in writing be kept?


34. What precautions apply when packages of dangerous goods are loaded


35. A fire involving a gas should be extinguished using;



36. What is the primary reason for putting a dressing on a wound?


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