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1. What document is used for international movement of dangerous waste?


2. For a vehicle carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is


3. Which of the following is not a method of transporting gases?


4. Leaking packages of dangerous goods should be


5. A pathogen is best described as


6. The competent authority in Ireland governing the carriage of dangerous good is


7. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the ……


8. What colour label is used to identify a Carbon Dioxide extinguisher?


9. On checking the transport document you see the following description of a dangerous goods consignment: UN 1744, Bromine solution, 8 (6.1), I, (C/D).  What tunnel restrictions apply to this consignment?


10. Vapour forms a flammable liquid will


11. What is the minimum fire extinguisher requirement for vehicles carrying Class 6.2?


12. How many eyewash bottles (500ml) are required on a vehicle


13. What does the term immiscible mean?


14. What additional equipment is required when transporting a gas that requires a 2.3 label


15. A substance with the following labels is considered to be


16. The hazard warning placards must be


17. What is the appropriate ratio of compressions to breath when performing CPR


18. The receiver of the goods is known as the


19. What are Instructions in Writing?


20. A package marked with this label indicates


21. A vehicle carrying 12,000kg of packaged hazardous goods requires;


22. The term anhydrous means


23. A casualty has been contaminated with a flammable substance.  You should


24. What marking should be found on a portable lighting apparatus carried on a vehicle  transporting 10,000 litres of Class 3 substances in IBCs?


25. A flashpoint temperature of Petrol is


26. Which of the following is not a suitable means of segregation when carrying hazardous substances and foods stuffs on the same vehicle


27. What additional equipment is required when transport gas that requires 6.1 lable?


28. The driver is made aware of the correct PPE to carry by


29. In the events of an accident which statement is incorrect?  The driver should ensure


30. “High consequence dangerous goods” are…


31. The procedure to be followed in the event of an accident is contained in


32. Which of the following substances is the most hazardous


33. A flammable mixture is


34. Which of the following would not be a source of ignition


35. Pressure in the gases industry is measured in


36. A corrosive substance with a toxic subsidiary  hazard belongs to which of the following Classes?


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