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1. What does the term immiscible mean?


2. What additional equipment is required when transport gas that requires 6.1 lable?


3. A corrosive substance with a toxic subsidiary  hazard belongs to which of the following Classes?


4. A Class B fire is


5. IMDG governs dangerous goods traveling by


6. A casualty has been contaminated with a flammable substance.  You should


7. The term anhydrous means


8. On checking the transport document you see the following description of a dangerous goods consignment: UN 1744, Bromine solution, 8 (6.1), I, (C/D).  What tunnel restrictions apply to this consignment?


9. The competent authority in Ireland governing the carriage of dangerous good is


10. A package marked with this label indicates


11. A pathogen is best described as


12. What document is used for international movement of dangerous waste?


13. Which of the following would not be a source of ignition


14. An inflammable substance means


15. “High consequence dangerous goods” are…


16. A flashpoint temperature of Petrol is


17. A vehicle carrying 12,000kg of packaged hazardous goods requires;


18. What is the appropriate ratio of compressions to breath when performing CPR


19. A journey to the continent involves a journey by road, sea and rail (Channel Tunnel).

What regulations apply to this journey?


20. Pressure in the gases industry is measured in


21. Which of the following is not a suitable means of segregation when carrying hazardous substances and foods stuffs on the same vehicle


22. What additional equipment is required when transporting a gas that requires a 2.3 label


23. What are Instructions in Writing?


24. The temperature at which a chemical reaction gets out of control and carries by itself is called the ……


25. How many eyewash bottles (500ml) are required on a vehicle


26. Vapour forms a flammable liquid will


27. The auto ignition temperature of a substance is


28. The receiver of the goods is known as the


29. Which of the following substances is the most hazardous


30. For a vehicle carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is


31. A flammable mixture is


32. The hazard warning placards must be


33. Which of the following is not a method of transporting gases?


34. In the events of an accident which statement is incorrect?  The driver should ensure


35. If an emergency arises on a journey, the driver first action should be to ensure


36. What marking should be found on a portable lighting apparatus carried on a vehicle  transporting 10,000 litres of Class 3 substances in IBCs?


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