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1. Which of the following statements is incorrect in relation to tank containers



2. The UN number for Diesel is;


3. The hazard identification number 25 indicates that the substance is a


4. The hazard identification number X88 indicates that the substance is a


5. Pressure discharge is sometimes used to unload product from tankers, this involves;


6. Pressure discharge is carried out using;


7. The maximum filling ratio/level is;



8. When tank containers are carried which of the following is incorrect


9. Tanker specialisation training is required by the drivers of


10. When delivering Petroleum Spirit using a Schedule 4 – Form of Certificate, a driver must, to satisfy the law?


11. Tanks on a vehicle used to transport dangerous goods must have a periodic test every;



12. Bursting disks are fitted on tanks to;



13. The instructions in writing must be supplied by;


14. An OX vehicle is required to carry;


15. Which of the following is not a precaution taken when filling and discharging tank vehicles?


16. If a tipping tank comes in contact with overhead power lines the driver should;


17. While loading, you discover that the earth was not attached to the vehicle. You should;


18. Following pressure discharge the driver should;


19. A vent on a fuel tanker will;


20. For tank operations, the regulations apply;


21.  The M.A.W.P. for a tank is the:


22. Tank-containers used to transport hazardous goods must have periodic test every;



23. The hazard identification number 23 indicates that the substance is a;


24. Earthing a vehicle dissipates the electrical charges built up….


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