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1. Which of the following is incorrect? The placards on a tanker must be


2. Combustion heaters…..


3. When driving a road tanker vehicle, a driver;


4. Which of the following best describes a Fixed Tank?


5. The hazard identification number 65 indicates that the substance is


6. On a tank vehicle requiring a rear protection device there must be a clearance between the rear of the tank and the rear of the bumper of


7. Tanks on a vehicle used to transport dangerous goods must have a periodic test every;



8. A tank vehicle, which has a blank orange plate at the front and a numbered orange plate at the rear and placards on both sides and the rear


9. The numbers in the bottom half of an orange coloured plate indicates


10. The switch in the cab used to cut the electrics is called


11. You are a road tank driver. At the loading point you are told there is no 98% Sulphuric Acid available and you are instructed to load 25%  Sulphuric Acid, what should you do:


12. The hazard identification number 336 indicates that the substance is a;


13. The correct marking and placarding for a tanker carrying 6 compartments of diesel and one empty compartment that last contained petrol is;


14. How is a tanker earthed when delivering fuel to a filling station?


15. The hazard identification number 88 indicates that the substance is a


16. Under the ADR, a fixed tank has a capacity exceeding;



17. Tanks are fitted with PV valves to;


18. The hazard identification number 25 indicates that the substance is a


19. Cryogenic Tanks are used to transport


20. A curtain sided vehicle with blank orange plates front and rear and placards on both sides and at the rear indicates that


21. During discharge, smoking is permitted


22. Which of the following statements is correct in relation to Portable Tanks?



23. A Tank vehicle carrying 30,000 litres would be within the regulations if it had;


24. The correct marking and placarding for a tank vehicle with 3 chemicals from three different classes in three different compartments is;


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