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1. The hazard identification number 90 indicates that the substance is a


2. Which of the following is an unsafe activity when discharging a powder tanker?


3. The hazard identification number 65 indicates that the substance is


4. The hazard identification number X338 indicates that the substance is;


5. Bursting disks are fitted on tanks to;



6.  A tank vehicle (2 compartments) with a trailer (3 compartments), carrying five different substances from five different classes to fulfil the marking requirements for a single drop, multi-chemical delivery:


7. An OX vehicle is required to carry;


8. The correct marking and placarding for a tanker carrying 6 compartments of diesel and one empty compartment that last contained petrol is;


9. Tank data plates provide vital information for the driver but which of the following pieces of information does not appear on the tank data plate



10. The switch in the cab used to cut the electrics is called


11. Which of the following is not mandatory equipment on a tank vehicle under the ADR?


12. An excess flow valve…….


13. The UN number for Kerosene is


14. A tank which is purged and clean should be marked with;


15. When negotiating a roundabout in a road tanker it may rollover at speeds as low as;


16. Under the ADR, a tank-container has a capacity exceeding;



17. For tank operations, the regulations apply;


18. Combustion heaters…..


19. The instructions in writing must be supplied by;


20. The maximum filling ratio/level is;



21. The maximum number of battery master switches fitted to a vehicle under ADR is?


22. Pressure discharge is carried out using;


23. The hazard identification number 25 indicates that the substance is a


24. Which document is required when delivering petroleum products to a filling station?


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