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1. During discharge, smoking is permitted


2.  The M.A.W.P. for a tank is the:


3. Which of the following best describes a Fixed Tank?


4. The hazard identification number 668 indicates that the substance is a


5. For vehicle carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


6. The numbers 265 in the top half of the orange plate represents


7. You are a road tank driver. At the loading point you are told there is no 98% Sulphuric Acid available and you are instructed to load 25%  Sulphuric Acid, what should you do:


8. The minimum safe filling level for a 20,000 litre capacity un-baffled tank container is


9.  The mark for an Elevated Temperature Substance should be shown;


10. Cryogenic Tanks are used to transport


11. When negotiating a roundabout in a road tanker it may rollover at speeds as low as;


12. The maximum filling ratio/level is;



13. Pressure discharge is sometimes used to unload product from tankers, this involves;


14. When delivering Petroleum Spirit using a Schedule 4 – Form of Certificate, a driver must, to satisfy the law?


15. If a hose burst during a pressure discharge of LPG, how would the discharge be stopped?


16. Fuel tanker manlids may be left open


17. The hazard identification number 883 indicates that the substance is a


18. A curtain sided vehicle with numbered orange plates front and rear and placards on both sides and at the rear indicates;


19. Which of the following is not required on a tank vehicle under ADR?


20. The hazard identification number 56 indicates that the substance is


21. Vehicle rollover is caused by;



22. How is a tanker earthed when delivering fuel to a filling station?


23. Pressure discharge is carried out using;


24. On a tank vehicle requiring a rear protection device there must be a clearance between the rear of the tank and the rear of the bumper of


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