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1. The correct markings for a vehicle carrying demountable tanks filled with three different substances is;


2. The hazard identification number 638 indicates that the substance is a


3. The form required to move hazardous waste in a tanker in Europe is a;


4. Which of the following documents does not have to be carried in when transporting dangerous substances in a tank vehicle?


5. What should a tanker driver do if a discharge hose bursts during unloading?



6. Foot valves must always be closed except when discharging or loading because;


7. When turning to the right the movement of liquid in the tank will cause the liquid to initially move to the


8. A vehicle carrying a tank container for a delivery within Ireland, to meet the ADR requirements may have;


9. Which document is required when delivering petroleum products to a filling station?


10. Doubling the first figure in the top half of an ADR orange-coloured plate indicates that


11. The hazard identification number 30 indicates that the substance is a;


12. A vent on a fuel tanker will;


13.  A tank vehicle (2 compartments) with a trailer (3 compartments), carrying five different substances from five different classes to fulfil the marking requirements for a single drop, multi-chemical delivery:


14. The correct marking and placarding for a tank vehicle with 3 chemicals from three different classes in three different compartments is;


15. A Tank vehicle carrying 30,000 litres would be within the regulations if it had;


16. A H.I. number prefixed with the letter X indicates that the substance will react;


17. The ullage space in a tank is there to allow for;


18. The Ullage space in a tank of Petrol, Kerosene or Diesel must not be less than;


19. Which of the following best describes a Fixed Tank?


20. When negotiating a roundabout in a road tanker it may rollover at speeds as low as;


21. The hazard identification number 883 indicates that the substance is a


22. Tanks on a vehicle used to transport dangerous goods must have a periodic test every;



23. A curtain sided vehicle with numbered orange plates front and rear and placards on both sides and at the rear indicates;


24. Ullage is;


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