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1. Earthing a vehicle dissipates the electrical charges built up….


2. When driving a road tanker vehicle, a driver;


3. While loading, you discover that the earth was not attached to the vehicle. You should;


4. Which of the following meets the definition of an hermetically sealed tank


5. The hazard identification number X338 indicates that the substance is;


6. The hazard identification number 88 indicates that the substance is a


7. Where a tanker is not fitted with baffles, what would be the safest level of loading?


8. For vehicle carrying hazardous substances, the most appropriate parking place is…..


9. The correct marking and placarding for a vehicle carrying a tank-container


10. The hazard identification number 90 indicates that the substance is a


11. Tank data plates provide vital information for the driver but which of the following pieces of information does not appear on the tank data plate



12. A label showing a red thermometer in a red triangle on a white background indicates the substance is


13. The hazard identification number 33 indicates that the substance is a;


14. Vehicle rollover is caused by;



15. Instructions in writing do not detail;


16. When delivering Petroleum Spirit using a Schedule 4 – Form of Certificate, a driver must, to satisfy the law?


17. The UN number for Kerosene is


18. A tank vehicle must have an ADR certificate of approval. The test for this certificate is carried out?


19. A pressure relief valve;


20. The minimum ullage is;


21.  The mark for an Elevated Temperature Substance should be shown;


22. Which of the following is not mandatory equipment on a tank vehicle under the ADR?


23. Doubling the first figure in the top half of an ADR orange-coloured plate indicates that


24. When tank vehicles move forward the liquid in the tank will initially;


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