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1.  The mark for an Elevated Temperature Substance should be shown;


2. Under the ADR, a fixed tank has a capacity exceeding;



3. The form required to move hazardous waste in a tanker in Europe is a;


4. Which of the following is an unsafe activity when discharging a powder tanker?


5. Vents in an atmospheric tank;


6. A tank vehicle, which has a blank orange plate at the front and a numbered orange plate at the rear and placards on both sides and the rear


7. An emergency shut off valve allows the driver to


8. Tanks are fitted with PV valves to;


9. Earthing a vehicle dissipates the electrical charges built up….


10. A curtain sided vehicle with numbered orange plates front and rear and placards on both sides and at the rear indicates;


11. A vehicle carrying a tank container for a delivery within Ireland, to meet the ADR requirements may have;


12. When tank containers are carried which of the following is incorrect


13. The minimum safe filling level for a 20,000 litre capacity un-baffled tank container is


14. Which fire extinguisher is most suitable for dealing with a spilled flammable liquid fire?


15. Tank-containers used to transport hazardous goods must have periodic test every;



16. Drivers should not enter tanks for cleaning purposes unless;


17. The hazard identification number 86 indicates that the substance is


18. A tank vehicle must have an ADR certificate of approval. The test for this certificate is carried out?


19. Which of the following best describes a Fixed Tank?


20. Which of the following is not a precaution taken when filling and discharging tank vehicles?


21. Which of the following documents does not have to be carried in when transporting dangerous substances in a tank vehicle?


22. Which of the following statements are true? Class 4 solids in powder form …


23. If a hose burst during a pressure discharge of LPG, how would the discharge be stopped?


24. The instructions in writing must be supplied by;


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