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1. Vehicle rollover is caused by;



2. The UN number for Diesel is;


3. Foot valves/Base valves are;


4. On a fuel tanker the correct numbered orange-coloured plate to be displayed represents:


5. The hazard identification number 65 indicates that the substance is


6. Combustion heaters…..


7. Which of the following best describes a Fixed Tank?


8. When tank vehicles move forward the liquid in the tank will initially;


9. A curtain sided vehicle with numbered orange plates front and rear and placards on both sides and at the rear indicates;


10. Pressure discharge is carried out using;


11. If a driver discovers a minor leak from a coupling during a discharge, the driver should


12. A vent on a fuel tanker will;


13. Instructions in writing do not detail;


14. Filling and emptying liquid oxygen is dangerous because


15. The hazard identification number X338 indicates that the substance is;


16. Which of the following is an unsafe activity when discharging a powder tanker?


17. The correct marking and placarding for a tanker carrying 6 compartments of diesel and one empty compartment that last contained petrol is;


18. The hazard identification number 23 indicates that the substance is a;


19. The minimum-filling ratio for tanks or compartments over 7,500 litres is


20. The correct marking and placarding for a vehicle carrying a tank-container


21. The correct marking and placarding for a tank vehicle with 3 chemicals from three different classes in three different compartments is;


22. You are a road tank driver. At the loading point you are told there is no 98% Sulphuric Acid available and you are instructed to load 25%  Sulphuric Acid, what should you do:


23. A vehicle is carrying Nitric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) in a multi compartment tanker. What special measure must be taken into consideration?


24. Pressure will build in a tank for a number of reasons, which of the following will not increase the pressure in a tank?


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